AB’s Pig Party…….

or so that’s what she kept calling it. This little cutie turned two over the weekend, and we had the most fun. She’s currently obsessed with farm animals, especially pigs, so a farm party it was.


A mini petting zoo, complete with goats, chickens, and a pig arrived in our front yard – I’m sure the neighbors were thrilled – and entertained the kids for the full two hours. AB squealed with excitement as she saw the trailer turn the corner. The kids couldn’t wait for the poor man to get everything set up – they jumped right in and went to town harassing the animals.


Our menu was simple, pigs in a blanket, country apples, fence posts (veggie straws) and the ever popular chicken minis. The oh so talented Julie made these adorable place cards for the food. If you need any type of stationery, hand written – she’s your girl.  The white pigs had the cutest gold glitter party hats and pink gingham bows on their tails. Each was hand written with our menu options. 

I added white piggies to simple pink cupcakes and the cookies were made by my sweet neighbor’s mom – Mama Shep Cookies……they were SOO good. 


This might have been the easiest party I’ve ever thrown. A story for another day, but my kitchen was under construction until 8pm the night before. So, keeping the menu simple, aka – picking it all up from the store – made party prep quick and hassle free. 


We had so much fun celebrating our little farm lover – in the 80 degree weather…..in February! Who would have thought! Happy 2nd birthday, Annabell Paxton – we can’t belive you’re two! 


12 Comments on “AB’s Pig Party…….

  1. What a cute and fun party! The weather was perfect! The food was great! The decorations were adorable!! Everyone had a blast!!! Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Annabell Paxton!!!!

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  2. How sweet!! What a great idea for a party! I LOVE that she loves farm animals. I can’t believe she’s 2, either!!

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