Finally Friday

It’s time to by HOPPY!

It’s been the best first week of April, but how did we wake up and it’s now the week before Easter? I love having all my Easter eggs out, so it will be sad to have to put them away. We’ve already been to one egg hunt, and between now and Easter we have five more to go……my kids will be pros come Easter Sunday. 


This week I shared a room that screams spring. A space for two sisters that will hopefully grow with them for years to come…….or until their momma gets a burst of energy, and we do something completely different.  Until then, I hear they are loving those bunk beds!
~check it out here~


I received a fun email this week saying a room from this same house was being featured on Shutterfly. They’ve put together 75 bedroom ideas for girls, and we were lucky enough to be included. I didn’t even know Shutteryfly did anything other than photos!  So fun – go check them out heredsc_0355-copy

If you are hosting Easter and still need a few items to add to your decor, check out all these fun finds. Most of which are big time on sale!


Dozen Eggs // Bunny // Plates // Pillow 

Who are these big kids?  Where did my babies go??
Hoppy Weekend everyone!!!

3 Comments on “Finally Friday

  1. I have looked everywhere – EXCEPT Pier I – for pastel speckled eggs! Thanks! Just ordered (for next year!! – Ha!) Love both of these little girl bedrooms!! And you’re right, where on earth did your babies go?!?!


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