Master Bedroom

Oh, the house that keeps on giving!  Last week I featured the shared girls’ room, and today I’m showing you the master bedroom. Why is it one of the most important rooms of the house is usually the last to be completed?


The main request for this room – color!  If you know Paige, you know that the more color the better. This room was builder gray for over a year, so when it was time to paint, she wanted something bold.
Even though we went with a strong paint color, we made the big investment pieces timeless.
Nothing says master bedroom like a four-poster king size bed!
We layered simple grass shades and a soft print drape to give the windows some depth.  A shag rug was brought in to anchor the four poster bed and to soften the hard wood floors.
Mismatched night stands are a great way to personalize your space.


PWP_3144 copy
Doesn’t that bed make you want to crawl right in?
Thanks for touring this master bedroom – it’s definitely a great mix of color and simplicity all in one!

Bed // Mirror // Lamps  // Bench // Rug 

6 Comments on “Master Bedroom

  1. Love, love, love, & love….the bed, the lamps, night stands, everything about this room is so good! You did a great job once again!!!

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  2. I love everything about this room, but I am really in love with those round mirrors. I love how you have placed them on each side of your bed. What a beautiful room.

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