Happy Good Friday!



For us, this week has been filled with Easter, Easter and more Easter. We’ve had so much fun!!! We’ve already eaten our weight in chocolate, and now we are counting down the minutes until we leave for Donny & DeeDee’s house.

I’m giving you fair warning this post is filled with nothing but two adorable cuties soaking in the Easter Season as much as possible.
Our Easter week started on Saturday with our annual friend hunt – so much fun with all these sweet kids and their parents. The night ended with AB getting her face painted like a bunny……do you see that carrot on her finger!?

Next up, the kids’ egg hunt at school. Cheese overload!
We went to see the bunnies at Northpark for our annual Easter picture. We practiced and practiced all morning how to say “cheese.” AB had it down perfect, until the photographer had a giant plastic hammer he kept hitting her on the head with. She was less than thrilled. Look at how much they’ve grown since last year! IMG_3148Easter Bunny
Our street is currently the best street in America. There are 15 kids all five years old and under— that’s right, all five and under. There’s someone to play with every day!  Last night we had the VistaKids on the Block hunt. We ate pizza, jumped in the bounce house, and stayed up way too late.
(and, yes, I know how to count, we have one missing in the pic)


My kids are more than excited to continue the party in Rotan. Come Monday, we will be 10 lbs heavier, sleep deprived, and ready for the weekend. But until then — let the celebration continue. And just remember………….
Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.55.49 AM

4 Comments on “Happy Good Friday!

  1. Soooo cute!! But, yeah, WOW!! They sure have grown a ton in a year! Looks more like 2! Where did your babies go???

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  2. What a fun week! That carrot finger is adorable!!! And I just love seeing the bunny pictures every year! What a great tradition!!

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  3. Such cute pics!! Happy Easter! I hadn’t heard that quote before (“Silly rabbit . . .”), but I love it!

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