Finally Friday!

The struggle bus is coming in hot this week, Friends. Coming off a non-stop weekend of staying up late and playing super hard to having a babysitter three nights this week, our kids are DONE.
We’re going hard today, but the second all our heads hit the pillow tonight, it will be nothing but recovery mode until Monday morning.

Easter with these three was definitely a favorite. Even if this was the best pic we could do. We’re still on a sugar high, and I may or may not have thrown away all that dang silly putty the Easter bunny put in his eggs this year.

The person I stalk love the most on Instagram is Living with Landyn. She’s AHHHH – mazing. I want to be her when I grow up! Well, she’s attending the big Rewards Style Conference here in Dallas this weekend. She made plans to be at a local restaurant Wednesday night before the conference started so all the crazies could meet her. I begged some friends to go with me, but then she had to cancel at the last minute. Long story short, we still went and then tagged her in our IG post. A big time favorite of the week was when she commented back AND featured our pic in her stories.
We’ve been spring cleaning at our house…..a little. We had a street wide garage sale about a month ago and I purged big time. If we aren’t using it, we no longer own it. But with that, also comes a love for making everything organized and cute. These adorable totes are on their way to hold some of AB’s stuffed animals and toys in her room.
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.31.28 AM


This time next week I’ll be waking up in NYC with these two and our three other best friends. We can NOT wait! But until then, a few of us got to hang out last night together. Fun Tech times and getting a pic with this guy didn’t hurt either.
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 6.25.28 AM
OK, Friends – I’m out the door to drive four hours for a golf tournament – Have a great weekend!

3 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Love your post! The DD Easter Bunny meant well 🙂 So enjoyed playing with your darlings Thursday night!! They are both precious!!


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