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I mean – maybe it takes this One Room Challenge each year to get me to blog. To be quite honest, I’ve just needed a break and to cut back on some things in my life. The older I get, the wiser I get about having too much on my plate, and this blog was one of them.

So, happy to be back, but it’s only for a short while since we are expecting baby number three, and I’m sure I will be overwhelmed once again. Speaking of baby number three, it also takes this challenge each year for me to get my booty in gear and get a room together in our own house. It really is true what they say – that poor third child!

Ever since we moved into this house, our guest bedroom has just been a place of storage. Yes, it had a bed for guests (aka –DeeDee’s room) but the closet held out of season clothes, luggage and a large armoire that was my “office.” Whenever we don’t have a place for something, it just goes in this room. I put it off as long as possible, and since we are exactly 8 weeks away from baby number 3 – the cleanout process has GOT to begin.

Before I could start on this room – I had to tackle three other rooms in order to make room for everyone. So to say the nesting stage has worn off is a huge understatement. The queen bed was moved to AB’s room (more on that later), and then the room has just gotten worse. Don’t believe me – keep reading.


Yep – told you! I sent this picture to my friend Tiffany last week and said “promise if I have another early baby, you will come to my rescue?” I’m sure she either fell out of her chair or ran off the road when she saw the pic. To say Tiff is one organized- type A person is an understatement.

The contents of this pic – AB & new baby’s crib, also the one I slept in when I was born, barstools I can’t part with, and then years of high school and college memorabilia that what the heck do you do with?

Don’t despair – I have a plan. It may take all six weeks of this challenge to complete, but at least I have a plan! And the old saying – the cobblers child never has any shoes – is definitely true in our house. I can make decisions and work on someone else’s house all day long, but when it comes to my own – forget it!

Back to the plan:


Since we already have one boy and one girl, we’ve decided to keep the gender of this baby a surprise. So – pretty much all the nursery can be done ahead of time except a few finishing touches that I will come back and add once baby #3 arrives.

The plan: White, white and more white. I know – It’s a problem, but it’s just so calming, easy and works for a boy or girl.

  1. move WHITE rocker from AB’s room and have it cleaned
  2. use WHITE crib from AB’s nursery
  3. WHITE drapes
  4. WHITE dresser
  5. paint the walls WHITE
  6. artwork
  7. lamp
  8. floating shelves
  9. accessories
  10. light fixture
  11. adding pink or blue touches (mobile) – to be done after Nov 29th!

This week to do:
Clean out and get organized – purge & sell.
Check back each week to see the progress of this crazy messy room that will hopefully be a WHITE, calming sweet nursery in just six weeks!

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  1. I like how you’re pulling together all of the furniture that you’ve used before….I wonder what colour accents you’ll end up adding after November 29th. 😉

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