One Room Challenge – Walther Nursery Week 2


It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and we’ve made some big time progress. Deedee to the rescue! My mom came into town and said she wasn’t leaving until the room was complete. Well, of course that wasn’t going to happen, but we at least got the room cleaned out and ready for the fun.

Let’s take a look back at what we started with……..I can barely look it’s so bad!

And today……still a long way to go, but all cleaned up.IMG_3740


This baby will use the same crib AB & I used. It’s over 35 years old so to say it’s on it’s last leg is an understatement. My mom and I even thought about chunking it several times during the week.
The same WHITE glider I used with AB will be used in this nursery as well.

The plan:
White, white and more white. I know – It’s a problem, but it’s just so calming, easy and works for a boy or girl.


  • move WHITE rocker from AB’s room and have it cleaned
  • use WHITE crib from AB’s nursery
  • WHITE drapes – ordered
  • WHITE dresser – should be delivered this week
  • paint the walls WHITE
  • artwork – Jenny Grumbles special
  • lamp
  • floating shelves
  • accessories
  • light fixture
  • new door knobs on closet
  • adding pink or blue touches (mobile) – to be done after Nov 29th!

This week to do:
~The dresser should be finished and delivered
~Paint the walls
~Decide on and order hardware for closet
~Take artwork to Grumbles to finish up for me- more on that next week!
Check back each week to see the progress of this room that will hopefully be a WHITE, calming sweet nursery in just five more weeks!

And check out the other bloggers at the link below who are also transforming rooms during this Challenge. One Room Challenge


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  1. Already off to a good start! The mess was giving DeeDee a little stress! 😂😂😂 That poor crib—old, but still so pretty. I think it needs Donny & MDub to the rescue! It’ll be great! So ready to see that dresser!

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