One Room Challenge – Week 4 Walther Nursery


Houston, we have some progress!  In week 3 of the One Room Challenge, I’m proud to say we probably got the most accomplished of the entire project.

If this is your first time reading, I’ve decided to complete baby Walther #3’s nursery before he/she arrives in 5 short weeks. There’s exactly two weeks left in this challenge, so it was perfect timing – nothing like waiting until the last minute.

The room has been painted, the crib is put together and the dresser was delivered – minus the correct hardware, but who’s complaining. The drapes are in, but not installed and we have shelves proudly floating on the wall. 

While rearranging AB’s room, I realized I can no longer use her lamp. I’ve always loved her lamp, so I’m just going to use it in the baby’s room and call it a day. A little paint on the finial and it will be good as new. (sorry 3rd baby – lot’s of hand me downs!)
Check out these sneak peek pics of the space. It will be so much more fun to see the room all put together at the end, so a sneak peek is all you get. Can you say white?

We had a little fun while painting – I had to send these pics to Mdub to prove to him the walls weren’t already white. 





So to recap what the end result should look like – remember my inspiration? Well, we are slowly but surely getting there. Only a few more finishing touches and we should be good to go by the time baby Walther #3 arrives!



What’s left??

  • move WHITE rocker from AB’s room and have it cleaned
  • use WHITE crib from AB’s nursery
  • WHITE drapes –delivered
  • WHITE dresser  delivered 
  • paint the walls WHITE 
  • artwork – Jenny Grumbles special – in progress
  • lamp
  • floating shelves
  • accessories
  • light fixture
  • new door knobs on closet
  • adding pink or blue touches (mobile) – to be done after Nov 29th!

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  1. WooHoo! Lots of progress! It’ll be ready in time for Baby Walther #3 to get here!! Can’t wait. It’s looking great!!! 💗💙❓

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