One Room Challenge – Walther Nursery Finale!



The day has come and I can honestly say we are ready for baby number three. Actually,  just the room is ready.  We don’t own a single diaper or wipe, but by all means – the perfect room is patiently waiting.

If you remember, we aren’t finding out the gender of this baby so a “gender neutral” nursery was on the agenda and I think it’s been accomplished pretty well. 

Slide1Just like with any project, a few things don’t come in, a few things change at the last minute and then a few things just look down right wrong when you get them in the room. 

The one major change was the crib. The original crib I was going to use was actually mine when I was a baby and on it’s last leg. I’m not sure how it lasted through AB sleeping in it. So, our good friends were getting rid of theirs, and I snagged it up and now it makes the room!


I’m in love with how the dresser turned out. It was originally my mother in laws and then The CEH painted it. The tassel knobs are on backorder, but I will make sure to post when they finally come in!

IMG_4371Because tassels are all the rage right now, I switched up the light fixture from the inspiration to include a tassel and I think it’s great!  Originally, the room was going to be more green, but as I went along, I just couldn’t help it and brought in more turquoise/aqua accents. The greens just weren’t speaking to me!


And last but not least – the art. Jenny out does her self EVERY SINGLE TIME.  When she dropped it off, I hung it immediately because I just couldn’t wait to see it up. I absolutely love it and walk into the room every hour or so just to stare. Depending on the gender, she MIGHT come back over to add a tad of pink. 


I’m a big believer the details make the space. Accessorizing shelves is my absolute favorite thing. I can’t wait to fill those frames with newborn pics!!


All in all, this nursery is simple and sweet and just what I think a third baby will need after living in our chaos. 

I know Paige is dying looking at these pics because they are not PWP worthy – so I will update after she photographs the nursery.
Make sure to check out all the other rooms that were a part of the One Room Challenge this fall. There are some great spaces out there!

Baby Number 3 – we’re ready for you!!



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