Wallpaper for Every Budget

What what? I haven’t done a blog post in probably over a year. When babies come, life just gets busy and some things just have to give. I’m going to try and be better – at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

Today I’m posting about something I absolutely love…wallpaper. When a client calls and wants to update a room or start all over, what’s the first thing I suggest? WALLPAPER, every single time! Wallpaper doesn’t always have to break the bank to make a great statement. I’ve rounded up several of my favorites that I’ve recently used and a couple I can’t wait to try out! Fortunately, you can get wallpaper for every budget! You can click on each wallpaper to shop it!

A few of my designer favorites that I’ve used and want to use. Did you know, even if you don’t want or need to hire a designer for an entire space, we can always order wholesale items for you. Just ask!

Happy Wednesday and hopefully I can find the time in-between three kids and work to share a few things with you every now and then!!

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