Kilmichael Master Bath

This master bath looks nothing like the original 1970 something we started with. I guess it was a thing to have each vanity back to back because I’ve seen it many times. (hard to see in these before pics) Opening up the space and keeping with the lighter/brighter theme of the house was first on the agenda.
Moving plumbing can get expensive if you have a slab foundation, so keeping as much as possible in place was key. We kept the tub, shower and toilet plumbing in the same location, but moved both vanities to open up the room. This allowed for one larger closet instead of two smaller ones and a much more open bathroom. Picking a fun detail tile elevates the space like no other. Choosing to tile the entire wall behind the tub made such an impact in this master bath! Isn’t this tub calling your name after a long day?

Thanks for taking a look back at the original and seeing just how far it came. A timeless master retreat!


Kilmichael Project- Laundry/Mudroom Room

Today I’m showing you the before and after of the Kilmichael Project laundry room. I’ve shared the kitchen and the living room so if you haven’t seen those pics – check them out.

This reno is what laundry room dreams are made of! Ample counter space and a locker for each member of the family – all in a space someone would love to do laundry in. This room started out old and tired, much like the rest of the house. New flooring, paint, counters and a fun backsplash this space went from dark and dated to light and bright.

—————————————————————————————————————————–Laundry and mudroom rooms are a place to drop the clutter before entering the rest of the home. With school starting back up, literally today for our little fam bam, it’s a great time to clean out, purge and get organized. Happy Thursday – now go and make those laundry rooms a space you will enjoy using!


Dorm Room Design

Dorm Room Design is something I’ve always loved. Way back in the day, my roommate and I may or may not have won best dorm room for our fantastic red and black – cheetah print motif. Everything was well thought out and planned months before moving in – down to the last detail of the red fabric sink skirt complete with cheetah print trim. While I would like to say maybe that was the beginning of all of this, I’m hoping pictures are no where to be found.

Every year I think – I’m going to come up with dorm designs and sell them. Then kids happen, work and life happen and it’s never really come to fruition. Until now! If anyone out there is still in need of last minute dorm ideas – here are a few designs that can easily be shopped and pulled together quickly




If you know anyone heading to college who still needs help pulling their space together – send them my way. Dayme Walther Design would love to help you design your dorm space.


Kilmichael Part Two

Last week I shared the back story on the #Kilmichaelproject. It was a very well loved house just in need of some fresh, new updates. I shared the entry and living and today I’ll share the kitchen.

A late 70s kitchen to say the least. Dark, dark and more dark with a sprinkle of granite and stainless appliances. The kitchen was completely gutted and replaced with all new cabinets, counters and all the pretties!

The kitchen and living room were divided by a huge wall, with a tiny kitchen “window” and small entrance. We opened up the “window” and the doorway into the kitchen. It made the entire space feel more open and much larger.

The china hutch was updated with a speciality backsplash and new lower cabinets. The perfect light fixture and now this is where the family of five enjoys all their meals.

I love sharing before and after photos of projects and hope you’re enjoying too! Happy Monday!

The after pics are taken by the incredibly talented Paige Walker Photography!


Kilmichael Project

The family that keeps on giving!! When you’re lucky enough to gain a good client-they become friends. I started working with this family on their previous home about four years ago. I helped furnish that home and they were the first to trust me with a surprise nursery. So.Much.Fun

Fast forward three years (I think) and they were ready to buy, gut and remodel another house. This time, they brought me in from the very beginning. I’ve said it before, but walking in and seeing a house in its original state and brainstorming of what it could become is my absolute favorite.

Projects like this don’t just happen over night. From the day we walked in to view, to the day these pictures were taken, was a little over a year and a half. It’s oh so worth it though!

I’ve shared a lot of these photos on my Instagram account, but thought I’d show you the entire project over the next couple of days.

This home was dark, outdated and just needed a refresh to bring it up to date. Starting in the entry and moving into the family room you can see just how how much this transformation was needed.

All the after pics were taken by the incredibly talented Paige Walker Photography!


University Blush

So – I have some big news. I was working away yesterday and out of nowhere, I get an email from RewardStyle. I applied months ago to be a part of the platform, thought nothing of it, and to be honest, really thought they would never approve me. Well, I’m approved and can’t wait to start sharing some fantastic design finds with the oh so many followers I have. (clearing my throat with a chuckle here)

So, I’m hopping on this Nordy’s sale bandwagon to show you a few sale items that would work perfectly for any girl heading off to college in a few weeks. A little dorm room, or as they call them now, residence hall, inspiration for your Friday morning! Fun and not so serious spaces are some of my favorite to create.

Remember this space I designed for a sweet girl last year? Blush is still so hot right now!



Wallpaper for Every Budget

What what? I haven’t done a blog post in probably over a year. When babies come, life just gets busy and some things just have to give. I’m going to try and be better – at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

Today I’m posting about something I absolutely love…wallpaper. When a client calls and wants to update a room or start all over, what’s the first thing I suggest? WALLPAPER, every single time! Wallpaper doesn’t always have to break the bank to make a great statement. I’ve rounded up several of my favorites that I’ve recently used and a couple I can’t wait to try out! Fortunately, you can get wallpaper for every budget! You can click on each wallpaper to shop it!

A few of my designer favorites that I’ve used and want to use. Did you know, even if you don’t want or need to hire a designer for an entire space, we can always order wholesale items for you. Just ask!

Happy Wednesday and hopefully I can find the time in-between three kids and work to share a few things with you every now and then!!


One Room Challenge – Walther Nursery Week 3



It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and that means two things:  A – We are now halfway through the challenge, and B – We have less than less than six weeks until we are a family of five. Someone kick my booty into gear.
Neutral blankets have been washed, the closet has been stocked with wipes, and the carseat is clean and ready to go. All the important things  – check, but the room, of course, always takes a little longer. And, nothing like waiting until the last minute. I work best under pressure!  

I’m calling this the “too much going on elsewhere week” so the nursery saw no progress. The only thing that happened is that the drapes came in. This next week is a big week so hopefully I’ll have more to show you next Thursday. Until then – just pray this baby stays put so we can finish up more than just this nursery. 


Happy Thursday!!


The Plan:

  • move WHITE rocker from AB’s room and have it cleaned
  • use WHITE crib from AB’s nursery
  • WHITE drapes – Delivered
  • WHITE dresser – being delivered tomorrow
  • paint the walls WHITE – doing this weekend
  • artwork – Jenny Grumbles special
  • lamp
  • floating shelves
  • accessories
  • light fixture
  • new door knobs on closet
  • adding pink or blue touches (mobile) – to be done after Nov 29th!

As always, make sure to check out the other rooms that are participating in The One Room Challenge



One Room Challenge – Walther Nursery Week 2


It’s week two of the One Room Challenge and we’ve made some big time progress. Deedee to the rescue! My mom came into town and said she wasn’t leaving until the room was complete. Well, of course that wasn’t going to happen, but we at least got the room cleaned out and ready for the fun.

Let’s take a look back at what we started with……..I can barely look it’s so bad!

And today……still a long way to go, but all cleaned up.IMG_3740

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