Finally Friday!

The struggle bus is coming in hot this week, Friends. Coming off a non-stop weekend of staying up late and playing super hard to having a babysitter three nights this week, our kids are DONE.
We’re going hard today, but the second all our heads hit the pillow tonight, it will be nothing but recovery mode until Monday morning.

Easter with these three was definitely a favorite. Even if this was the best pic we could do. We’re still on a sugar high, and I may or may not have thrown away all that dang silly putty the Easter bunny put in his eggs this year.

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Happy Good Friday!



For us, this week has been filled with Easter, Easter and more Easter. We’ve had so much fun!!! We’ve already eaten our weight in chocolate, and now we are counting down the minutes until we leave for Donny & DeeDee’s house.

I’m giving you fair warning this post is filled with nothing but two adorable cuties soaking in the Easter Season as much as possible.
Our Easter week started on Saturday with our annual friend hunt – so much fun with all these sweet kids and their parents. The night ended with AB getting her face painted like a bunny……do you see that carrot on her finger!?

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Master Bedroom

Oh, the house that keeps on giving!  Last week I featured the shared girls’ room, and today I’m showing you the master bedroom. Why is it one of the most important rooms of the house is usually the last to be completed?


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Finally Friday

It’s time to by HOPPY!

It’s been the best first week of April, but how did we wake up and it’s now the week before Easter? I love having all my Easter eggs out, so it will be sad to have to put them away. We’ve already been to one egg hunt, and between now and Easter we have five more to go……my kids will be pros come Easter Sunday. 


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Sister Sister!

Happy first week of April – also known as, the first time I’ve blogged in over a month. I know, I know – no, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, and, no, I didn’t stop blogging. It’s just that our busy little family has just been having fun, soaking up the amazing weather, and I chose to make that a priority over this fun little blog.
However, I have a couple of fun rooms to share with you over the next week or so. Maybe that will give me some major motivation to keep this thing up!

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for more than a hot minute, you know that I’ve been working on Paige’s house for an eternity……ok, so just two years. I’m proud to say as of today, the only room left is the laundry room…….that’s until she wakes up one day and wants to start all over. It’s the house that just keeps on giving!  


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Bookshelf Love!

Styling a bookshelf might be one of my most favorite things to do in life. It pulls a space together and makes the room look finished.


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Sweet Little Boy Nursery

Do you remember …oh, say almost a year ago, when I was working on this nursery for the One Room Challenge? My friend, Jeni, was pregnant, so I thought it would be the perfect space to work on during that challenge.  However, the challenge ended, and she still hadn’t had her baby.  Well, that’s been almost a year ago, and I’m just now getting pictures taken of the space. (I use only the best photographer, and she’s pretty busy!)  
Come take a look at this perfect little space.



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