AB is 4 months old

IMG_0543AB turned 4 months old this month and is growing like crazy. She still refuses to sleep thru the night because she likes to eat ever 3-4 hours.


The whole crew went for her checkup – because, it’s literally a circus if I tried to take both kids in by myself. Thank goodness MDub can meet us during the day.

(MDub looks thrilled)

Weight: 14.1lb – 45%

Length: 25 1/4″ – 80%

Head: 16 1/4″ – 70%

I’m guessing she gets her height from her mama!!!!


At least someone was excited after three shots! Not sure why we thought it was a good idea for him to have those.


I hope that PB always loves her as much as he does right now. 99% of the time he is hugging and kissing on AB and loves holding his feet up to hers!


I’m pretty sure they are both saying – “aren’t we done yet mom?”

          At four months old:

  • She just rolled over
  • Wakes up 2-3 times a night
  • Loves smiling at us
  • Cries most evenings around 8:00pm (more like screams)
  • Loves bathtime!

Miss Mila Poppy’s Nursery

 When I found out one of my best friends was pregnant with a girl, I knew we had to make it the best nursery yet! Jenny and I went to Tech together, were sorority sisters, moved to Dallas together after graduating, were in each others weddings and pregnant with our daughters at the same time.

At Mila Poppy’s baby shower!


Jenny knew she wanted to keep it clean, crisp and white, but with a few girly touches. She already had a mirrored chest she wanted to use in the room so we added golds and pinks for a soft metallic nursery. We ordered this crib which is just the right size for the room along with the softest bedding ever!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.10.09 PM

She has a great window seat in the room where we added these simple white roman shades.

DSC_4322 copy
Isn’t MVP such a great monogram?


The pink unicorn is from Etsy and we knew we had to work it into the space somehow. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.58.50 AM

This view! How awesome are those gold stripes? They make the room!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.08.57 PM

Thank you Jenny and Josh for letting me have a part in Miss MP’s room. Hopefully Miss MP and AB will grow up to be just as good of friends as their momma’s.

Annabell Paxton’s Nursery!

Today I’m sharing AB’s nursery. This might be my favorite room in our house right now. I actually found this wallpaper before I was event pregnant with PB and knew I wanted to use it if I ever had a girl. PB’s nursery has wallpaper on the ceiling and even though this would have been fab on the ceiling, I didn’t want to be known as the house with every ceiling wallpapered when we decide to sell.

DSC_4294 copy
I asked My friend Jenny to commission my wedding dress for the room. It’s basically the only thing I have hanging on the wall since the wallpaper is so busy.


The mirror is a thrift store find from several years ago as well as the lamp.

I added these awesome large knobs to the Ikea Besta System to create a unique changing table.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.04.20 PM

We’ve spent many nights rocking in this chair!

DSC_4279 copy

More details of her room thanks to my awesome friend Paige Walker Photography!

DSC_4278 copy

Her bed is my absolute favorite piece in the room. Thanks to my awesome carpenter (my dad) he converted the crib my mom used with my brothers and me into this awesome upholstered one of a kind piece of furniture.

AB’s nursery is girly in every way possible and I hope she will love it as much as I do!

Last weekend of May 2015

I LOVE LOVE weekends with not much on the agenda. The kids and I did however load up and head to Rotan for less than 24 hours to help my parents with their church nursery. They took on the job of sprucing it up so we offered to help. Not sure how much help a mom and two babies under the age of two are but we had fun and it’s always fun to be in Rotan even iif it was for less than 24 hours.

NO way I can take them both into a restaurant by myself right now. So – we had a picnic in the car. PB thought it was so awesome – don’t judge, it’s all we could find!


AB snoozing in the nursery while we worked,,,I’m sure the paint fumes were great for her!IMG_0092

Then it was bath time for both in Dee Dee’s new kitchen…naked baby alert


We had a big day on Sunday – UT was in the Regional at Dallas Baptist so MDub & PB went to watch. PB was a sport and lasted the entire game.


While the boys were at the baseball game this little girl and I hit up Ikea….on a Sunday – awful idea!


We needed new frames for these pictures of the kids- don’t I have the best photographer ever?


Sunday night we went to MDubs parents church for their annual “Americana” concert. They always have an ice cream social afterwords and even though it was an hour past bedtime, we went anyway. PB entertained everyone as usual.


I think he was trying to tell us it was time to go home!

We put pajamas on in the back of the car before heading home since it was so late.


And then this was Monday morning NOT wanting to start our busy week.


Memorial Day – 2015

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back – which I LOVE. There is nothing better than going with the flow and not having many commitments on the calendar. We had a pretty relaxed weekend, then joined B&B (my aunt & uncle) for their neighborhood parade. We used to live in their neighborhood before kids and the parade is always something we look forward to.

She’s thinking – “y’all want me to watch the parade in the rain?”


Our attempt at a family pic!

AB is looking at PB thinking – please don’t hit me with that flag!


MP & PB patiently waiting!


Group Pic! – B&B, their friends who come over every year because their son is in the parades marching band,  and then some of our good friends who just moved into the neighborhood


Despite the crazy weather we’ve been having lately, we still had a great time.

Happy Memorial Day 2015!!

south padre – “family” trip!

We just got back from a long weekend in South Padre with some of our most amazing and closest friends. When most think of south padre, they think spring break style – crazies on the beach. Let me say this trip was far from that! We have awesome friends that have a condo right on the beach. MP has been going with them since he was a little boy and now we are all taking our own kids. Last year, 5 couples and 5 kids. This year, five couples and 9 kids all 4 years of age and under.  To say I stressed about sleeping arrangements, meals, and afternoons on the beach with a 3 month old would be an understatement. But let me tell you, we could not have asked for a better weekend. Yes we had crying kids arguing over shovels and balls and tired babies that wouldn’t sit in high chairs at the restaurant but at the end of the day – we had an amazing time with 8 of our closest best friends.

The weekend started off for us late Friday night. MP had to work all day so we couldn’t leave Dallas until 7:00 pm Friday night. I had been packing all week making sure I had everything I could possibly need for the kids and I thought I was so organized. Their bag was packed so that I could easily pull out each days clothes for both kids at the same time. Well, I knew I wanted PB & AB to be in pajamas when we landed for the hour drive to the condo being that it would be midnight before we arrived #awesomeparents. I had PB’s pajamas in his backpack and ABs in my diaper bag. Well, 5 minutes before we left for the airpot AB spit up all over herself so I decided to put her in her pajamas right then to avoid changing in the airport bathroom. We are packed, loaded and everyone is happy – off to the airport we go. Of course our flight was delayed 30 minutes so we had time to stop and eat dinner. As we are sitting there, PB is having the time of his life people watching as he ate his pizza and drank out of my cup. I reach over to check on AB and realize she has pooped ALL over herself. Not just a simple dirty diaper, but ALL over herself and I start to freak out. MDub can’t figure out why I’m so distraut until I tell him I have NO other clothes, everything is checked  headed to the plane. He very sweetly offers to go shopping in the airport to see if he can find anything for her, which if you know him at all, this is not his speciality. After a few minutes I see him walking up with a huge smile on his face and I know something is NOT good. He returns to our table where I’m sitting with PB & AB hoping no one else around us can smell her, and says “even I know this is bad.” Yep, she had to take her first flight in a cowgirl outfit complete with a Billy Bob’s belt buckle and all!! Poor AB – good thing our bow matched!


PB is loving the airport. Even though this was not his first flight – he was too young the first couple of times to remember.

Flights were good, we got the condo a little after midnight, both kids slept like a rock and then we were up and ready for the beach first thing Saturday morning. I made everyone take a family pic the second we got down to the water because I was afraid if it didn’t happen then, it wouldn’t happen all weekend.


After the picture, both kids must have thought the waves sounded like the sound machine in their bedrooms because they both fell asleep and slept while everyone else was playing and having a great time!

Lifeguard on Duty!


Fun on the beach – while everyone else went up and took naps,,,,,like normal people!

  IMG_9819  IMG_6186 IMG_9816

Dinner on Saturday night at Louies! Look how sweet and innocent PB looks – um, not the case. Poor MDub may or may not have had to eat his entire meal standing up holding PB because he wasn’t having it. Every time we go out to each with 2 kids that are 16 months a part, we swear we will never do it again.


Our entire group – I bet that waiter was sad to see us leave #saidnooneever


At one point every kid was crying while trying to capture this picture – only 7 of the 9.


Once again, my kids fell asleep on the beach so while everyone else went up for naps, our family of four walked down to a restaurant and had lunch on the beach.



Poor MDub having another meal standing up, this time – it wasn’t PB!


We never seem to get a picture of everyone due to different nap times or kids not wanting to cooperate in capturing the perfect picture their mom had in their head for 3 months before coming!!!!!


One day, these three might give their mamas a few minor heat attacks if they are anything like their fathers!


Trying to get a cute family pic at the restaurant – however AB is not cooperating and PB is wondering why. She looks like an old man here!


Finally – MDub gets to eat while sitting down!


The next day, AB and I left early since I had to get back for work. MDub and PB stayed an extra day with everyone else. One last sibling pic before we leave! Can you please not grab her ears PB?


As I was pushing the stroller and pulling two bags through Love Field to the very last row in the parking garage, #thanksMDub, I remembered there is a section with every single town in Texas, so of course we had to stop and take a picture!


Thankful for good friends that updated me with pics of the last day since I came home early. I heard this flight may or may not have been very fun to be on with a few screaming boys. Glad it was y’all and not me!


We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back in 2016. I know WE won’t have an addition to the 9 kids, but maybe a few others will and we can make even more crazy memories.  Thanks King & Ana for an amazing long weekend.