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One Room Challenge – Week 4


It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge, and, yea, it’s not getting done!  Debby Downer over here I know, but y’all – why do projects take FOREVER in your own home?  

The one main update of the week – electrical. Such a boring topic, but had to be done…and it’s not even all the way finished. I now have an even bigger mess than before the electrician came. There were a few outlets and the light switch for the room housed in the wall that came down. Therefore, it all has to be moved through the attic to another wall.

Before the electrician…..img_6548

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One Room Challenge – Week 3


How is already week three of this six week One Room Challenge? That scares me a little, and I’m pretty much already telling you that there’s probably NO way this thing will be finished in time. Are we sensing a theme here? I did the same thing last season; however, that was not my fault – I was waiting on a baby to be born for that one. 

Ok, back to the project. This was the first week something actually happened, well other than a dishwasher being installed. And I actually don’t even care if nothing else gets done. It is SO nice to have the wall taken down in between the kitchen and living room.
We finished up the birthday party weekend, and then about 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, I begged MDub to take a sledge hammer to the wall. After much complaining and one new tool later, he was having a lot of fun. Why does it take so much building up of men before they agree to do something? Never fails, Mdub always enjoys the job, but getting him to do it is less than a simple task.

On to the fun pics!

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One Room Challenge – Kitchen Remodel

AHHH – it’s that time again. This time last year, I was participating in my first One Room Challenge, and starting today, this is my third room to makeover during this blogger challenge. The past two rooms have been friends/clients, but today, The Walther house is getting to participate. If you missed out the past two times, the One Room Challenge is an excuse to get a room remodeled in six weeks. I will post every Thursday with progress of the transformation. 

So, this marks the first week of the 2016 Fall One Room Challenge, and without further ado, our kitchen is the room I’m participating with.

When we moved in two years ago, I painted the cabinets and called it a day. I knew that I would eventually redo the entire space, but I really didn’t think it would be 2.5 years later. It’s sad to admit, but I’ve actually gotten used to the gross white formica and gray racing stripe backsplash. Let’s take a look at the Before’s!    

On the other side of this living room wall sit’s the kitchen…come on in.

We cheated and switched out the dishwasher before I took the “before” pics. For the last two years it’s been black just like all the other appliances.  Do you see the missing drawer under the sink – can you say ghetto?

Next week I’ll show you the plan and then it’s go time. A six week transformation means we will hopefully have a new kitchen by Thanksgiving.

Check back each Thursday to see progress. Mdub is more than thrilled this is about to happen (NOT). 

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Our Old House

I’m excited to say that the One Room Challenge is coming back next Thursday, and I’ll be participating for the third time. If you don’t remember, or didn’t read this blog back then, the challenge is amongst bloggers to transform a room in six weeks. The previous two projects I participated with were a formal living room and then a nursery, which by the way, still needs pictures taken of the final design.
Since this challenge is a great excuse to get the ball rolling, I’m actually thinking about doing a room in my own house. Between real work, fun work, kids and life, the old saying about the cobbler’s kids have no shoes, really is true in our house. Other than AB’s nursery, our house is pretty much the exact same as it looked the day we moved in, two and a half years ago.
The first house we lived in, we gutted and renovated every single inch all at once….or should I say my dad did. This house, well, not so much. I have a long list of items that I would like to do, and then a shorter list of things that “have to be done.” If you would have told me 2.5 years ago we would still be living with the original kitchen and master bath, I would have laughed in your face. So, as I’m reminiscing about our first house and how awesome it was all “finished” I thought I would share some pics.

Because everyone loves a good before and after!

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One Room Challenge – Week 4

It’s now week 4, and that kinda scares me a little. Mainly because we only have two weeks left in the One Room Challenge, and also because JM could possibly have a baby by then. I’m thinking very doubtful since that would work out too perfectly for this challenge. 


Since we aren’t starting from scratch with this room, I feel like the updates are a little boring. However, we have more furniture!  The chair came in this week, and we decided on a rug. The chair is a linen color, and the rug compliments it and the crib skirt nicely.
See what you think!


~Remove TV
~Hang curtain rod/drapes
~Purchase floor lamp
~Have a baby!

So Nick, he’s the baby daddy– if you’re reading this, I know you have nothing else on your plate right now, but I need a TV removed and a curtain rod hung, please, sir!

Remember what we’re striving for!



Don’t forget to check out all the other rooms being transformed HERE.

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One Room Challenge – Week 2

It’s week two of the One Room Challenge, and it’s time to share the vision for the space. This cozy little room will soon be transformed, but we won’t know until possibly week 5 or 6 what the finishing touches will look like.


Let’s take a look back at the before pics just to refresh your memory….because we’ve all slept since last Thursday. Remember from my post last week, we’re keeping that fab wallpaper and planning the nursery around it. Everything else, gotta go!


Ok, on to the fun stuff – let’s see what this sweet baby’s room will look like . This has become quite common for me lately, as I’ve had several clients wait to find out the gender of their baby. Notice the big items will be the same, whether girl or boy. The details will be finished out once baby Mourton arrives. It’s ok to come 2 or 3 weeks early, I have a room to finish, sweet baby!!

Baby BoySlide1

Baby GirlSlide2

We’re keeping it simple! No crazy projects, no DIY, no shipping anything from Europe (yes, I’ve been known to not read where something is coming from), just simple and easy. Just what a 34 week pregnant mamma needs! (and hubby for that matter)

Everything has been ordered that can be ahead of finding out the gender. The crib and dresser are in route, chair has been ordered, and we purchased the side table and crib skirt. We love the details of the crib so much, we are keeping the bedding minimal. No bumpers and a simple white sheet will look great with this fun crib skirt

What’s on the todo list for week 2?
~Finding the right blackout drapes
~Perfect gold curtain rod

~Sourcing plush rug

Make sure to check back weekly for progress on the room.

Oh, and my guess is boy, even though I’ve been dying to order that amazing multi-colored leopard pillow!!

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One Room Challenge – Spring Edition

Y’all – I am SO excited. Today begins the fun six week “One Room Challenge” put on by Calling It Home. Twice a year, she hosts a link up party to transform a room from start to finish in just six weeks. If you’ll remember, I participated last fall with Paige’s Living Room, and I’m participating this time with Jen’s nursery. Until MDub is ready to take on another project in our own house, lucky me, I always have friends willing to let me play in theirs!!  Jeni has to have a nursery, so why not make it happen in 6 weeks!


Let’s take a look at the BEFORE pics of this room. Not bad, right? Lets just say, I had some part in it several years ago. If it weren’t for a new baby on the way, it wouldn’t be getting a facelift. I’m still in love with the wall of wallpaper, so it’s staying, but everything else is obviously going.
I promise, I am NOT an accent wall person at all. But for some reason, every room I’ve done in the last year seems to have some type of wallpaper or painting on one wall. I must get that in check! 

The bed is being reused in big sister’s room, and she’s selling the RH nightstands – any takers? The baby pictures and TV will have to find a new home as we replace with changing table and rocker. Then there’s a giant wall of shutters and one whole wall of doors. I see an excited big brother and sister peeking in. IMG_1413



To keep us all on pins and needles, we won’t know the gender of this baby until he/she arrives. Don’t worry – I have a boy and girl option in the works.  We will probably be putting the finishing touches on at midnight before the final day of the challenge. Nothing like keeping us on our toes. 

The countdown is on…….  For the baby’s sake, we need he/she to stay in longer than six weeks, but the designer in me wants this baby to come at 5 weeks and 3 days, so I can finish this room. #selfishfriend

Check out all the other rooms that are being transformed during this challenge, and check back each week to follow the progress. 

Follow me on Instagram (@emyad) to see sneak peeks!

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One Room Challenge – Fall 2015


I’m finally getting to play a long! For the past several years I’ve had to sit back and read with envy each time Calling It Home hosted the 6 week challenge, because I didn’t have a blog. Well, now that I have a blog, I don’t really have a room in my house I’m ready to work on. So, what did I do?  I called on my ole’ trusty friend Paige, and talked her into working on her formal dining living. For the next 6 weeks, instead of bringing you a Window to the Wall Wednesday post, I’m going to be linking up and sharing my One Room Challenge on Thursdays. 

So, here is what we are working with. This is a new build house and the formal dining is the first room as you walk in the front door. The homeowners (my bff Paige) decided they will never use a formal dining room, so we are turning the space into a nice “sitting/living” room. As if they will use that either, but the house needs a warm and welcoming space to walk into. 

Walk with me through the space – gray walls, curved doorways, beautiful staircase and great windows. That’s about it though. It’s currently just a holding place for a few mismatched furniture pieces and accessories that didn’t have a home when they moved in. And yes, three little girls live here as you can see through the arches!

iOZJUOF311k7tLkGFFm_g_Eq3leEwREXi4Rvd716fPY p-AMk0g0qyxJgIsTV5R1f5K6MlNBb3ofd2E6pAikRPY PjmgEGGZph-i0EHVA2R-a5QPy-T4KOQCBshlm0GTeLg,5VRkHzckDldlmfUDBHUOP8yUHgA7Cdn7BIM1A7iKpZg DqiQaYsoHwIgjXAphzLcnp610uQR5OWZhPTgdI_mS-s,Dck0v_vLDDIHvutUoKREW3Pnhhy3fHMwqZX_hZeTbqw ePb0ukcaFEvobvctEGsbmOZmAbosxI_k7xHXR_-qJbU VeV3iTyKFDSKj-2TKRFxBiOoNHos4LHbhgQ4y5oHv6Q,DuXmRw_XJzg4wX6XcDrT8fvVbXOi0xHJYXWXGXAXiJE

So here’s the plan. As much as it pains Paige to go all neutral – I’m making her. I’ve promised her we can add some funky pillows and accessories to brighten it up. We are going “Grown Up Chic.”

I just hit submit on the wallpaper order and the installer has been lined up, but thats about it. I can’t wait to see this room transformed and hopefully this challenge will light a fire under us to finish! Come back next week to discuss more of the pieces and to see if the wallpaper has actually arrived!  


Make sure to check out all the other fantastic blogs linking up for this challenge and keep up with their progress the next six weeks. It’s going to be so much fun!