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To the City We Go!

Today, I am writing part 2 of our NY Trip.  If you missed part 1, be sure to catch up on our amazing trip to upstate New York.

Woohoo – after our 3 hour train ride back to the City on Sunday, we caught a cab and went straight to our hotel. We patiently waited while MDub checked us in! Our view from our room was perfect for PB since his new favorite word is “Taxi,” and every morning we saw approximately 400 go by! 

We couldn’t actually check into our hotel until 3:00, so we left our luggage and set out to explore. First up, Top of the Rock and the NBC studios. An early dinner and bed time were needed after a long morning of traveling and a busy weekend. 

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Monday morning, we were up bright and early to walk to breakfast with the rest of the 5 million people headed to work. I guarantee they were so annoyed with three tourists and two strollers taking up their sidewalk. A quick pic with a NYC Firetruck was in order every time we saw one. This was the only morning we ate at an actual restaurant for breakfast. We quickly learned these NYC waiters mean biz and were oh, so happy to be given a table with two toddlers! Starbucks and street vendor breakfast the rest of the trip!
Subway time down to Chinatown. We walked around, saw the markets and then were outta there.  I honestly have no clue how my cousin has lived in Hong Kong for the last four years. Those smells though!


On to the 9-11 Memorial and to Battery Park. This was as close as we got to Lady Liberty as we were trying to cram too many things in. MDub and I have been before, and my mom kept saying all she cared about was seeing it. I wish we would have taken the ferry over — next time! 


Everyone kept saying it was going to be hot in the summer, and they were 100% correct. It was oh, so HOT, and we big time melted on this day.  MDUB had a conference call so we stopped for a while and let the kids run around in Battery Park. DeeDee and I are hiding somewhere under a tree. IMG_4613

Next stop – the Brooklyn Bridge and lunch at the first Grimaldi’s ever. We were all so exhausted and couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy lunch – um, why don’t these places have AC?? I mean, it gets so hot in the summer you would think it would be worth the investment. Hot pizza in a tiny restaurant only meant we were headed for ice cream next. 


A ferry ride, bus ride and a few blocks later, we were back at our hotel. Mdub and I made a reservation for dinner while DeeDee stayed back with the kids. Of course I took zero pictures of us at dinner. Again – next time!

Tuesday was Central Park Day. When Mdub and I visited eight years ago, we didn’t even go to Central Park.  What were we thinking?  This day was the highlight of the city probably. Lots of walking, carousel rides and the famous, over-rated Serendipity. It was fun to check it off the list, and we may or may not be making frozen hot chocolate in the near future, but it was tiny!! We found a firetruck museum and the candy store!!



We finished off the day with Wicked and then a stroll through Times Square. It was the first time either of us had seen it. #GirlsNightOut while Mdub put the babies to sleep!

Wednesday morning we got up and packed, checked out of our hotel and then made a few last stops through Little Italy for one last meal of pizza. On to the airport to make our way back home. PB made a friend, and AB made some enemies while she decided to freak out for a good 20 minutes.

We had SO MUCH FUN. Despite the heat, we had a blast. We definitely want to go back in the winter with the kids……and DeeDee. Traveling with toddlers is not exactly a laid back vacation. But, we decided, it’s either chaos at home or chaos in a hotel room, and it’s nothing we can’t handle. All in all, the kids did fantastic. Took naps in their strollers and just like their mama, if you don’t let them get tired, hungry or hot, then they are A -ok!

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NYC Trip – Part One

Last week, we got back from the most fun trip to upstate New York and NYCity. My cousin got married just outside of Queensbury, NY, so we decided to make a week out of it. There’s so many pictures I’m splitting it up into two posts – Upstate NY portion, and then “the city.” Picture overload coming your way!

We left Dallas early Thursday afternoon just in time to take a three hour train ride to Albany, NY and arrive at our hotel right at midnight. Whose idea was that with two toddlers in tow? Not sure, but it was a bad idea.  Back to the flight – thankful for DeeDee to  help out along the way. These two moved from seat to seat between us all. PB was thrilled, as you can tell, to take his picture with the pilot!

We got up early Friday morning and drove to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I had no clue what we were in for, and my mom and I are NOT museum people, but it was something cool to say we’ve done. The actual town was amazing. Very small, like Rotan small, but so pretty. They’ve done a great job of keeping the character and history of the town alive. We wore our Rangers’ gear to represent!!



After touring Cooperstown, we drove about an hour north for the wedding weekend. I apparently didn’t take a single picture at the rehearsal dinner, but it was gorgeous. Right on a beautiful lake and 70 degrees. AHHH-mazing!
Saturday, we spent the day exploring more of upstate NY with B&B. Of course, a history lesson was on the agenda. We toured an old fort where both kids got to shoot bow & arrows. Then we found a great restaurant over-looking the water where AB discovered she loves clam chowder!

All cleaned up and headed to the wedding. In Texas, we don’t get 70 degree, zero humidity, zero wind, outdoor weddings in the middle of July, or ever for that matter. Upstate NY has the best summer weather ever, and it made for the perfect outdoor wedding. The kids had a blast at the reception and actually lasted a lot longer than we anticipated. Pictures just don’t do it justice – the location was just so pretty.

Sunday morning, we were up and on our way to the city! Another three hour train ride was ahead of us before we spent the next three days in NYC. PB got to meet “Sir Topham Hatt,” so his day was made.IMG_4577

On Thursday I’ll post the pictures of our time in the city. 

All in all, traveling with two toddlers was not bad. Yes, we’ve been to the beach and to the lake with the kids, but this was their first real vacation. Thank you, Bo & Julie, for planning an out of state wedding! It gave us an excuse to have a fun trip with DeeDee. 

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Our Weekend – Birthday Party Style!

We had the best weekend celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays. At this point in our life, we have A LOT of birthday parties – and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Which is just fine. We have so much fun, and it’s a good excuse for the parents to hang out, too. I’m gonna be real sad when we reach the point of just sending our kids to the birthday, and we don’t get to tag along.

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Wyatt turning four at the cutest children’s museum. Cows, horses, a farmer’s market and a tractor……my kids were in heaven! AB really was amazed that she could actually milk the cow! Oh, and we may or may not have been an hour and a half early and in the wrong town. I swear I must have just read the invitation when we got it in the mail and then never looked at it again. I had everyone up and out the door only to realize we had a good hour to waste and 10 miles to drive to get to the actual party. Whoops!

Our Sundays usually consist of church, kids falling asleep on the way home, and then eating lunch after they wake up. Sunday was an extra long nap (hallelujah), so we had two happy kids eating lunch at 2:30 p.m.!

Sunday night we celebrated sweet Blake and Kylee at the water party. Both kids had a blast, and we had to pull them out to leave. We’ve come light years with PB just in these few short weeks of summer. He’s so much more outgoing and not near as shy as he was just six weeks ago. Mdub and I both looked at each other at one point during the party and said “Who is that kid?” He’s just so fun to watch now.


We’re having the best summer!! 

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Phone Dump- What we’ve been up to!

Summer has barely started, and we’ve already been so busy. Weddings, the beach, baby showers, and more. Thankfully, this past weekend we stayed home for a laid back, simple weekend. As I was going through the pictures on my phone, I realized I had tons that needed to be uploaded. Just our every day lives that need to be documented. 

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Salado for my  cousin’s wedding. I didn’t get a single picture of her, but she was beautiful. Our kids had a blast and actually did very well for a sit-down dinner. PB and I enjoyed the cake while AB and MDub danced. She wanted to be on the dance floor the entire time…..with her “Miss Chickie.” Despite the loud band, PB feel asleep on MDub’s shoulder – definitely his father’s child.

On Saturday, I had two baby showers. We can’t wait for Baby Brooks and Baby Charlotte to arrive!! After Courtney’s shower, AB and I saw the most amazing hydrangeas. Every time I see them, I wish I had them in my own yard. They matched her outfit perfectly, so we snapped a few pics. She also is big time into waving right now, so she’s waving to Aunt Terrie with her balloon. I wish she could wear a bubble for the next 10 years!!

We then hit up The Lot Saturday night. Such a great place to take  kids when the weather is nice. Every time we eat out, we swear we won’t do it again until the kids are much older. This place though is great because they can play in the giant sand box while waiting on our food. It might be our go to all summer long! And, um – look at them holding hands. The second I say this, it will probably jinx us, but we are in such a good place right now. These two are quickly becoming best friends, and they are really sweet with each other. If only AB could completely skip the terrible twos!  #wishfulthinking. 

PB is off to Camp 3D, so it’s just AB and me all week. Golf Tournaments, VBS,  meetings and then finishing the week heading to LBK! Happy Monday. 



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Kids’ Christmas Trees

It’s almost that time of year, and for some of you, you’ve already started. I personally have not even initiated the conversation with Mdub yet to bring out the boxes. Mainly because I’m dreading a certain 9 month old pulling ornaments off the tree for the next month and a half. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not giddy inside and can’t wait to see PB’s face when his tree goes up.

If you’ve seen the pictures of his room, you know that he has giraffes on the wall, and his Christmas tree does as well. I found the ornaments before his first Christmas, big time on sale, and of course, I don’t have a picture of it. I’ll snap one when I get it up next week.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Yes, I love all things boy, and if I’m being honest, I really do like dressing PB more than AB. It’s fun to see him with all his trucks and trains and do all things boy. But, I think I’m going to LOVE doing a girl tree. At this point in her life, we need something small that will fit on her changing table. Crazy lady would be all over that thing if I had it on the ground. So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I raved about the super cute Anthro ornaments? Well, I think I found a close second….and at none other than Tar Jay. I know they’ve had their Christmas decorations out for some time now, but I’ve been good and have stayed away from that section of the store until this week. That’s when I came across these amazing pastel ornaments. I was immediately drawn to them because they remind me of my great-grandmother. She had all glass old lady style ornaments and these just remind me of her. I probably won’t be using the feathers, but aren’t they cute?  

Now to find a tree. I love, love flocked trees. Every year as a kid, we got a real tree. I remember begging my parents for a flocked tree, and one Christmas my dad agreed……well kind of. He said we could buy a can of flocking and spray it when we got home. I was so excited the entire 50 miles  (remember I’m from the middle of nowhere.) When we got home, he sprayed the can, and much to my disappointment, it covered maybe half a branch. I’m still begging Mdub, and one day, I promise, I’ll have my real flocked tree. But, until then, this 3 foot beauty might have to do. The lights are perfect, and I love the slight Charlie Brown look. 

Even though I already have PB’s tree, I’m a sucker for a tree on top of an old car/camper. Might have to change out his tree when we outgrow the giraffe room.  All found at our fav place!

While browsing the aisles, I came across these and thought, who would do a tree with these weird ornaments. Then, it hit me – a fun/wacky favorite things tree! If I were doing a favorite things tree for PB, these ornaments would definitely be on it. Random likes of a 2 year old!

Any others out there put trees in their kids’ rooms? Not sure why I started with PB, but it’s a way for me to get my “non traditional Christmas decor” bug out of my system. Only 37 sleeps until Christmas!!!

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PB’s Giraffe Nursery

This blog didn’t exist when we moved into this house, or when I completed PB’s nursery. I need to document it and to also show you I do know how to create more than just girly spaces!

Before we were even married, I knew one day I would be incorporating a giraffe into our future child’s nursery. Long story, but MDub had a giraffe when he was little named Raffee that he carried everywhere. He’s missing an eye, you can barely see his spots and a leg or two may have had to be sewn back on a couple of times. We may or may not still have Raffee in the top of our closet. Once we knew we were having a boy, I searched and searched for the right giraffe piece and of course found it at my favorite place to buy art! It was the starting point for the entire room.

I then moved on to wallpaper because duh – it’s the most amazing thing right now, and I hope it stays that way for a long long time. When we decide to sell this house I’m afraid future buyers are going to call it “the wallpaper house.” If I could put it on every ceiling I would, but that might be a little weird. I also have a favorite paint color that pretty much sums up my life – Restoration Hardware Pale Silver. The wallpaper is almost the exact color of Pale Silver so it spoke to me.

The changing table was a craigslist find that I had painted Pale Silver to match.

Every nursery needs the baby’s name or initials, or it’s just not complete. Finding a unique and different way to display that is the kicker. These initials are gigantic and hopefully can transition from nursery to big boy room in the future.

His bedding – oh his bedding. I may not ever be able to get rid of it because I think it’s the last thing my amazing grandmother made for me. If you didn’t know my grandmother – she was ahh-mazing and could sew anything and everything. When I picked out the fabric and told her it was giant gold polka dots, I’m pretty sure she was shaking her head. However, in true grandmother fashion, she went along with it, but tweaked it to her own liking just a tad 🙂

The silk curtains are from another project that I didn’t use, so I added a trim that resembles a giraffe’s mane – is that a thing or did I just make that up? I had the glider reupholstered in a coordinating fabric with a small giraffe print down the middle.

The wall of shelf goodies might be my favorite part. When we moved into this house it had an old 80’s style wet bar complete with lucite shelves – jackpot! I repurposed them in the nursery and then added the sentimental knick knacks.

His crib just says “all boy” to me. I am lucky enough to have an amazing design twin that is just about 5 steps ahead of me in life. Therefore, she was taking her crib down just as I needed it.

I may not do a ton of them, but I really do enjoy a sweet little boy’s nursery every now and then!

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As always – photographs were taken by the amazing Paige Walker Photography