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Family Fun on the Fourth!

Y’all we had the best Fourth!!  Super hot, but super fun! Every year, for the most part, we head to Rotan for the 4th. In earlier years, MDub played in the annual softball tournament, but then he got old, and now it’s not worth all the soreness for the next week. So, he played golf for two days and had a mini heat stroke instead.

PB loved the fireworks we set off ourselves, so we just knew Monday night would blow his mind. Not a chance!  Both kids couldn’t have cared less. We looked up at one point, and they were in the house playing during the fireworks show. Oh well, better luck next year!


Patiently waiting for the fireworks to start!


These next two pictures are so fuzzy, and the quality is awful. But, I had to share. My dad was trying to entertain AB when she went in to kiss him. Touching heads is kissing to her…..let’s keep it that way sister!  IMG_4286

……and I promise my Papaw does NOT look this old in person, but PB needed a hug after the fireworks. Papaw may not even know PB’s name (just because he has so many great-grandkids), but he certainly knows he’s the one from Dallas!  
IMG_4290Two nights of sparklers, amazing food, and cousin time made for a great weekend. We’re already missing “ayes” and “yay yay.”


Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

Friday blog post……Summer Style!

I blogged on Monday about our Framily vacation trip to the lake last weekend. Check it out if you missed it. So much fun with 10 littles and 7 high school best friends!!!


When we got home from the lake last weekend, MDub went to the store to get wasp spray and came home with a plethora of toys. Never send men to the store! However, we’ve been loving our pool he purchased. Some of our friends have the same one, and it’s the perfect size for toddlers…..and their parents. When it feels like a 110 outside, you end up putting things in your backyard you swore you’d never do!  A little action shot of PB coming off the slide!


These towels are our absolute favorite. My mom got them for the kids, and they are just the right size……..and on sale right now. Nothing worse than a giant beach towel on a tiny toddler. Public service announcement – those are not our goggles, but he found them at the pool and must wear them each day for swim lessons.


Ok, let me begin by saying I am NOT a product person. I’m not up on the latest greatest, I hate spending money on hair and face products, and I don’t take care of my hair or skin like I should. But, my mom put this  in my stocking last year, I think, could have been two years ago, and I recently found it in a drawer. I’ve been using it on my hair for about a month, and I’m obsessed. In the summer, I take a shower at night and let my hair air dry. No way am I using a blow dryer in this heat. So, my hair can sometimes feel coarse and hard to brush through. After using this the first time, my hair is much softer and feels healthier. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.45.38 AM

Flash back 4th of July’s! The first picture was two years ago, and I was already preggo with AB. I was sucking in big time in those shorts and so afraid someone was going to notice. Apparently PB’s scared picture taking face was in full force his first and second July 4th!

……….And since this weekend is the Fourth, we hope to be doing a lot of this. Eating homemade ice cream outside with all our friends and family. We got a head start earlier this week with our sweet neighbors. The kids were more interested in the ice cream than looking at me for a pic.
Happy July 4th!
IMG_4040-1 (1)

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Framily Vacation…..Round 2

It’s no secret we love going on vacation trips with our friends and their kids. This past weekend was round two for the summer. Some of the same friends as the Padre Trip, but this was Marcus’ high school friends that he still talks to every day. Twelve adults and 10 kids this time, and we all had a blast. The kids range in ages from eight years to nine months old, and even though that’s a big gap, they all love playing with each other. The older kids take care of the younger, and the younger love trying to keep up with the oldest. Swimming, naps, food, and then repeat for the entire weekend. It was hot, hot unless we were in the water – hence AB sweating to death in real clothes headed to dinner Saturday night. Both kids love the water, and as expected, AB has zero fear. 

Picture overload as I document our summer! Oh, and why do life jackets have to be so miserable for kids? I so remember that feeling of being uncomfortable like it was yesterday. I remember not being able to wait until the age I didn’t have to wear one in the boat. #safetyfirst
S.M. (my granddad) would be proud that we still enjoy the lake, yet a little concerned that puddle jumpers are coast guard approved!



These three pictures crack me up. Boys not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, PB running cuz he’s scared, and then both doing the walk of shame back to the house. I see this happening a lot in the next several years! #PartnersInCrime #TheyGetItFromTheirDads


Such a fun weekend that we look forward to every year. Thanks Fitz’s!


Five on Friday – Friday Favorites!

Y’all it’s been the best week!!  Summer school, swim lessons, and a weekend ahead of us at the lake – hallelujah! Although, I can’t believe June is almost gone. Where is the summer going? This is the first week for us that’s really felt like summer – a hot, hot summer!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.54.13 PM

Summer School…. woohoo, we waited 30 long days for you! We’ve been at the same school for the last two years and loved it, but decided we needed to make a change because of schedules and pricing. We officially start the new school in September, but when we found out they’re offering a summer program, we gladly signed up! Both walked in holding hands and cried when they had to leave each other. It was quite possibly my favorite moment all week. AB thought she had to carry her lunchbox in all by herself! Successful first day in the books!IMG_3735-1IMG_3750IMG_3749

Speaking of school, these are a must when sending kids to daycare or school. As you all know, EVERYTHING has to be labeled, and when you have your favorite sippy cup, you definitely don’t want it going home with someone else. Aunt TayTay gave us these labels about a year ago, and since then I’ve ordered more. They fit on all sippies, snack containers, bottles, etc. and stay on in the dishwasher. They don’t peel off like stickers, and you can switch them out from cup to cup if you need to. A definite favorite instead of the ole black sharpie…and they make great gifts!

This quote – I came across it this week and thought it was fabulous. Simplicity in so many aspects of our lives is much needed. Our schedules, the clothes and jewelry we wear, how we decorate our houses, the things we collect or hold onto, the number of fantasy teams we have, etc. (kidding…sort of) Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.07.58 PM

AB in goggles and PB with his trains have been a constant favorite all week. We’ve put on and taken off goggles approximately 54 times in the last five days…And I’ve stepped on about the same number of trains. 


This was the scene the second day of school. All dressed and ready to go……sort of! I was loading everything in the car and kept yelling for them to come get in. They had both crawled back into my bed and made themselves comfy. I get it kids, some days I don’t want to get out of bed either!  

This afternoon we’re headed to the lake with 12 adults and 10 kids for a nice relaxing weekend (said no parent of a toddler, ever).  Happy Fri-yay everyone!

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Our Weekend – Father’s Day 2016

We had the best weekend! Absolutely no plans other than a little splash park and pool fun. Y’all, it’s HOT. Is it worse this year, or am I just getting older and can’t deal? Either way, you will find us in the water for the next three months, if you’re looking!

On Friday, we met Mdub after work so that he and PB could both get hair cuts. Suckers are always a must….three or four suckers at that.  A couple of errands in matching clothes is as much fun as feeding the Old Navy dog.  I pray they don’t notice they’re matching for a long, long time – like 10 years from now! 


Saturday might have been the first day in forever that we didn’t have a single thing to do. No birthday parties, no work events…nothing. So, some early morning soccer watching (without a diaper on), mowing the grass, and then finding a splash park were on the agenda. As much fun as it was, it didn’t cut it – we needed a pool! 


Sunday we TRIED taking a couple of pictures before church… the parking garage. They crack me up because they really do have the same gestures.  After church we celebrated Father’s Day….in the pool at Mdub’s parent’s house, and then headed to another pool with friends.  Goggles and corn on the cob might have been some favorites of the weekend. 

IMG_3613 (1)

IMG_3621 (1)IMG_3625IMG_3632 (1)IMG_3581IMG_3654

We rarely have a weekend when we can just go with the flow and do whatever we want. After this weekend, I never want to schedule another thing for us….ever. It was so nice to just take it easy. Happy Father’s Day, Mdub – you’re one amazing dad!
(and, of course, we FaceTimed with Donny to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, too!)

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E-Design Neutral Nursery

If you remember, way back, almost a year now, I did an E-Design for my sister in law that was pregnant with her THIRD boy. Yes, her third, so this needed to be a sweet baby boy nursery using both his big brothers’ furniture. I really just put something together that was partly my brother, yet simple and chic enough for my SIL. 

Remember this design board? Well, she ran with it, and I can take NO credit for pulling it all together. She did it all herself, and now it’s the perfect little space for a future chic hunter! (Don’t tell my brother we named it that!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.21.23 AM

She kept all her existing furniture from the older two boys, and then added the fun. The antler sconce puts off the right amount of light when feeding that sweet boy at night. 

Can we talk about this wallpaper? It’s the perfect, subtle addition of animal print without being too much….and did I mention, my dad installed it? #IwishHeLivedInDallas

Roman shades in a nursery are a great choice since most already come with blackout liner. They keep the room a little more masculine without the fluff of curtains. (If I’ve used curtains in your boy’s nursery, I promise they look good!)

I really do enjoy doing E-Design and then watching it come to life through pictures. When I can’t be in the same town as the client, it’s the next best thing!  This nursery will be able to grow with sweet Knox as he gets older. 





Five on Friday – Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday and once again, I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. I love this little Friday link up party because they keep me accountable to this blog.


Our favorite little girl will turn 16 months old tomorrow. Not that big of a month to most, but this is the exact same age PB was when AB was born. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because I have NO clue how we brought a newborn home to meet a 16 month old. People do it all the time, kids are born even closer together, but holy cow I can NOT imagine adding  a newborn to the mix right now.  I really don’t think they look anything alike in these pics! And, I promise we cut his hair shortly after this picture was taken!

PB has been with all the Mullins cousins this week for Camp 3D. My mom and dad take all the grandkids, ages 2 and up, for five days of swimming, crafts, and waterpark fun. They have a blast! Since we don’t all live in the same town, I’m so glad my kids will have this week to look forward to each summer. We’ve missed PB big time, but I heard he’s not ready to come home!

While PB’s been away, we’ve had A LOT of picnics in the car. It’s much easier to run errands with one than two, so we took full advantage. Poor girl might have been in the car more this week than she was at home. I’m pretty sure she loved the alone time. There’s been way less meltdowns, and she’s been so sweet. Maybe PB can stay gone a little longer?? 


One of my FAV friends had a baby two weeks ago, and I finally got to meet Mr. Hayes. He’s SOO tiny – you really do forget how small they are. He’s adorable, and it was so nice to finally get to hold him. 


……….and i’m sure you are wondering, but I stuck to the 10 minute rule. I dropped off food, washed my hands, held that cute little boy, and then made a quick exit. If you haven’t read this post, make sure you check it out before heading out to see a new baby. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 2.27.03 PM

SIX: (I know, but I had to)
If you missed my phone dump Monday – CLICK HERE. The main reason I started this blog was to have a place for my pictures and remember our every day lives. 

Happy Fri-yay Friends. I hope your summer is off to a great start!

Remember – you can follow our crazy life on IG, and if you want to receive these post in your inbox, add your email address above. You know you don’t want to miss out on some oh so exciting stuff!

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Phone Dump- What we’ve been up to!

Summer has barely started, and we’ve already been so busy. Weddings, the beach, baby showers, and more. Thankfully, this past weekend we stayed home for a laid back, simple weekend. As I was going through the pictures on my phone, I realized I had tons that needed to be uploaded. Just our every day lives that need to be documented. 

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Salado for my  cousin’s wedding. I didn’t get a single picture of her, but she was beautiful. Our kids had a blast and actually did very well for a sit-down dinner. PB and I enjoyed the cake while AB and MDub danced. She wanted to be on the dance floor the entire time…..with her “Miss Chickie.” Despite the loud band, PB feel asleep on MDub’s shoulder – definitely his father’s child.

On Saturday, I had two baby showers. We can’t wait for Baby Brooks and Baby Charlotte to arrive!! After Courtney’s shower, AB and I saw the most amazing hydrangeas. Every time I see them, I wish I had them in my own yard. They matched her outfit perfectly, so we snapped a few pics. She also is big time into waving right now, so she’s waving to Aunt Terrie with her balloon. I wish she could wear a bubble for the next 10 years!!

We then hit up The Lot Saturday night. Such a great place to take  kids when the weather is nice. Every time we eat out, we swear we won’t do it again until the kids are much older. This place though is great because they can play in the giant sand box while waiting on our food. It might be our go to all summer long! And, um – look at them holding hands. The second I say this, it will probably jinx us, but we are in such a good place right now. These two are quickly becoming best friends, and they are really sweet with each other. If only AB could completely skip the terrible twos!  #wishfulthinking. 

PB is off to Camp 3D, so it’s just AB and me all week. Golf Tournaments, VBS,  meetings and then finishing the week heading to LBK! Happy Monday. 



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Project Nursery May Room Finalists

Woohoo – I’m so excited y’all. Project Nursery has named their May Room Finalists, and sweet Griffin’s has been chosen. What that means – I shared this nursery a couple of weeks ago on the Project Nursery online gallery which is a place where anyone can upload pictures of a nursery for others to get inspiration. Each month, they choose five projects they like the most, and then let the readers vote on which they like best. Out of all the projects, Griffin’s black and white nursery made the top five. Now, here’s where you come in. For the next week, you can vote once a day on your favorite, which I’m sure will be Griffin’s. Click HERE and vote for the Black and White nursery to help push us to the top.
Here’s a look back in case you haven’t seen the room yet. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.14.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.15.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.15.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.13.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.14.33 PM


One Room Challenge – Finale!


Y’all – How have six weeks passed, and Jeni still hasn’t had a baby? If you’ll remember, I started this room six weeks ago, and because she’s waiting to find out the gender of her baby, the room is not 100% complete.  

Let’s take a look back at what the room looked like 6 short weeks ago. IMG_1413

Just a little reminder that this used to be the guest bedroom. We kept the wallpaper but obviously changed out the furniture. Here is what our two inspiration plans look like:



Crib, changing table, glider and new drapes have all been installed and are patiently awaiting that new baby! The room is filled with shades of white and cream with minimal amounts of gold accents. The accent table might be my most favorite piece of furniture right now. It’s a great size and visually works great in any type of room. IMG_2597IMG_2595IMG_2594IMG_2608IMG_2607

I promise I’ll do a post the second she pops that baby out with all the updates. Hurry up, Baby  Mourton – we are ready to meet you!

Several of you have asked about the One Room Challenge. It’s basically a link up party that gives you an excuse to finish a room in six weeks. The One Room Challenge is hosted by Calling it Home . I participated back in the fall with Paige’s Living Room and had so much fun that I knew I had to have a room to complete this go ’round. 

Here’s a link back to each week of the challenge.
WEEK FIVE – whoops, there is no week five!