AB is 4 months old

AB turned 4 months old this month and is growing like crazy. She still refuses to sleep thru the night because she likes to eat ever 3-4 hours. The whole crew went for her checkup – because, it’s literally a circus if I tried to take both kids in by myself. Thank goodness MDub can meet us during the day. (MDub looks thrilled) Weight: 14.1lb…

Last weekend of May 2015

I LOVE LOVE weekends with not much on the agenda. The kids and I did however load up and head to Rotan for less than 24 hours to help my parents with their church nursery. They took on the job of sprucing it up so we offered to help. Not sure how much help a mom and two babies under the age of two…

Memorial Day – 2015

Our Memorial Day was pretty laid back – which I LOVE. There is nothing better than going with the flow and not having many commitments on the calendar. We had a pretty relaxed weekend, then joined B&B (my aunt & uncle) for their neighborhood parade. We used to live in their neighborhood before kids and the parade is always something we look forward to….