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Our Weekend – Birthday Party Style!

We had the best weekend celebrating a couple of friends’ birthdays. At this point in our life, we have A LOT of birthday parties – and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Which is just fine. We have so much fun, and it’s a good excuse for the parents to hang out, too. I’m gonna be real sad when we reach the point of just sending our kids to the birthday, and we don’t get to tag along.

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Wyatt turning four at the cutest children’s museum. Cows, horses, a farmer’s market and a tractor……my kids were in heaven! AB really was amazed that she could actually milk the cow! Oh, and we may or may not have been an hour and a half early and in the wrong town. I swear I must have just read the invitation when we got it in the mail and then never looked at it again. I had everyone up and out the door only to realize we had a good hour to waste and 10 miles to drive to get to the actual party. Whoops!

Our Sundays usually consist of church, kids falling asleep on the way home, and then eating lunch after they wake up. Sunday was an extra long nap (hallelujah), so we had two happy kids eating lunch at 2:30 p.m.!

Sunday night we celebrated sweet Blake and Kylee at the water party. Both kids had a blast, and we had to pull them out to leave. We’ve come light years with PB just in these few short weeks of summer. He’s so much more outgoing and not near as shy as he was just six weeks ago. Mdub and I both looked at each other at one point during the party and said “Who is that kid?” He’s just so fun to watch now.


We’re having the best summer!! 

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E-Design Neutral Nursery

If you remember, way back, almost a year now, I did an E-Design for my sister in law that was pregnant with her THIRD boy. Yes, her third, so this needed to be a sweet baby boy nursery using both his big brothers’ furniture. I really just put something together that was partly my brother, yet simple and chic enough for my SIL. 

Remember this design board? Well, she ran with it, and I can take NO credit for pulling it all together. She did it all herself, and now it’s the perfect little space for a future chic hunter! (Don’t tell my brother we named it that!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.21.23 AM

She kept all her existing furniture from the older two boys, and then added the fun. The antler sconce puts off the right amount of light when feeding that sweet boy at night. 

Can we talk about this wallpaper? It’s the perfect, subtle addition of animal print without being too much….and did I mention, my dad installed it? #IwishHeLivedInDallas

Roman shades in a nursery are a great choice since most already come with blackout liner. They keep the room a little more masculine without the fluff of curtains. (If I’ve used curtains in your boy’s nursery, I promise they look good!)

I really do enjoy doing E-Design and then watching it come to life through pictures. When I can’t be in the same town as the client, it’s the next best thing!  This nursery will be able to grow with sweet Knox as he gets older. 




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Project Nursery May Room Finalists

Woohoo – I’m so excited y’all. Project Nursery has named their May Room Finalists, and sweet Griffin’s has been chosen. What that means – I shared this nursery a couple of weeks ago on the Project Nursery online gallery which is a place where anyone can upload pictures of a nursery for others to get inspiration. Each month, they choose five projects they like the most, and then let the readers vote on which they like best. Out of all the projects, Griffin’s black and white nursery made the top five. Now, here’s where you come in. For the next week, you can vote once a day on your favorite, which I’m sure will be Griffin’s. Click HERE and vote for the Black and White nursery to help push us to the top.
Here’s a look back in case you haven’t seen the room yet. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.14.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.15.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.15.03 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.13.57 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.14.33 PM

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PB’s Giraffe Nursery

This blog didn’t exist when we moved into this house, or when I completed PB’s nursery. I need to document it and to also show you I do know how to create more than just girly spaces!

Before we were even married, I knew one day I would be incorporating a giraffe into our future child’s nursery. Long story, but MDub had a giraffe when he was little named Raffee that he carried everywhere. He’s missing an eye, you can barely see his spots and a leg or two may have had to be sewn back on a couple of times. We may or may not still have Raffee in the top of our closet. Once we knew we were having a boy, I searched and searched for the right giraffe piece and of course found it at my favorite place to buy art! It was the starting point for the entire room.

I then moved on to wallpaper because duh – it’s the most amazing thing right now, and I hope it stays that way for a long long time. When we decide to sell this house I’m afraid future buyers are going to call it “the wallpaper house.” If I could put it on every ceiling I would, but that might be a little weird. I also have a favorite paint color that pretty much sums up my life – Restoration Hardware Pale Silver. The wallpaper is almost the exact color of Pale Silver so it spoke to me.

The changing table was a craigslist find that I had painted Pale Silver to match.

Every nursery needs the baby’s name or initials, or it’s just not complete. Finding a unique and different way to display that is the kicker. These initials are gigantic and hopefully can transition from nursery to big boy room in the future.

His bedding – oh his bedding. I may not ever be able to get rid of it because I think it’s the last thing my amazing grandmother made for me. If you didn’t know my grandmother – she was ahh-mazing and could sew anything and everything. When I picked out the fabric and told her it was giant gold polka dots, I’m pretty sure she was shaking her head. However, in true grandmother fashion, she went along with it, but tweaked it to her own liking just a tad 🙂

The silk curtains are from another project that I didn’t use, so I added a trim that resembles a giraffe’s mane – is that a thing or did I just make that up? I had the glider reupholstered in a coordinating fabric with a small giraffe print down the middle.

The wall of shelf goodies might be my favorite part. When we moved into this house it had an old 80’s style wet bar complete with lucite shelves – jackpot! I repurposed them in the nursery and then added the sentimental knick knacks.

His crib just says “all boy” to me. I am lucky enough to have an amazing design twin that is just about 5 steps ahead of me in life. Therefore, she was taking her crib down just as I needed it.

I may not do a ton of them, but I really do enjoy a sweet little boy’s nursery every now and then!

DSC_9700 copy45 DSC_9688 copy24 DSC_9729 copy DSC_9726 copy DSC_9723 copy DSC_9721 copy DSC_9717 copy DSC_9711 copy DSC_9709 copy DSC_9705 copy DSC_9691 copy

As always – photographs were taken by the amazing Paige Walker Photography

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Miss Mila Poppy’s Nursery

 When I found out one of my best friends was pregnant with a girl, I knew we had to make it the best nursery yet! Jenny and I went to Tech together, were sorority sisters, moved to Dallas together after graduating, were in each others weddings and pregnant with our daughters at the same time.

At Mila Poppy’s baby shower!


Jenny knew she wanted to keep it clean, crisp and white, but with a few girly touches. She already had a mirrored chest she wanted to use in the room so we added golds and pinks for a soft metallic nursery. We ordered this crib which is just the right size for the room along with the softest bedding ever!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.10.09 PM

She has a great window seat in the room where we added these simple white roman shades.

DSC_4322 copy
Isn’t MVP such a great monogram?


The pink unicorn is from Etsy and we knew we had to work it into the space somehow. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.58.50 AM

This view! How awesome are those gold stripes? They make the room!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.08.57 PM

Thank you Jenny and Josh for letting me have a part in Miss MP’s room. Hopefully Miss MP and AB will grow up to be just as good of friends as their momma’s.

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Annabell Paxton’s Nursery!

Today I’m sharing AB’s nursery. This might be my favorite room in our house right now. I actually found this wallpaper before I was event pregnant with PB and knew I wanted to use it if I ever had a girl. PB’s nursery has wallpaper on the ceiling and even though this would have been fab on the ceiling, I didn’t want to be known as the house with every ceiling wallpapered when we decide to sell.

DSC_4294 copy
I asked My friend Jenny to commission my wedding dress for the room. It’s basically the only thing I have hanging on the wall since the wallpaper is so busy.


The mirror is a thrift store find from several years ago as well as the lamp.

I added these awesome large knobs to the Ikea Besta System to create a unique changing table.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.04.20 PM

We’ve spent many nights rocking in this chair!

DSC_4279 copy

More details of her room thanks to my awesome friend Paige Walker Photography!

DSC_4278 copy

Her bed is my absolute favorite piece in the room. Thanks to my awesome carpenter (my dad) he converted the crib my mom used with my brothers and me into this awesome upholstered one of a kind piece of furniture.

AB’s nursery is girly in every way possible and I hope she will love it as much as I do!