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WSU -Sorority House

On Tuesday night, I returned from a super fun three and a half days. I got to live out the sorority house dream that I didn’t get to experience at Texas Tech. (only because we aren’t allowed to live in our houses) My pledge sister Julie lives in Seattle and is the advisor for the Kappa Delta chapter at Washington State University (that’s where Leach is for all you Tech fans). About two months ago, she emailed me asking if I would be interested in designing a new formal living room for the house. Um – heck yea, how fun is that?  I designed, she ordered, and then about two weeks ago she asked if I was interested in flying up to install the room. Hmm, let me think about it. A mini-vacation where the temp is never above 80, when’s the next flight out?
I flew out on Saturday evening wearing jeans – jeans y’all…’s 145 degrees in Dallas, and the thought of putting jeans on about sent me over the edge. Julie picked me up in Seattle, laughing as I stood at the curb freezing….it was a glorious 53 degrees. We spent the night at her house, and then the next morning made the four hour drive to Pullman.

Once we arrived, we had a ton of boxes waiting on us. We unpacked, and I got the full tour. Y’all – this house was huge and so many rooms. I was so turned around, but finally learned the layout by day three.

The room I was sent to make over was even worse than what pictures showed. Shag carpet 2 inches thick and pea green walls.
Here’s a look at all the before pics! It’s a large room, but the current furniture was way to large for the space, and by no means, does this look formal.
A carpenter/handyman was supposed to be coming on Monday morning to paint, hang light fixtures, and move furniture. Seeing that 52 girls were to move in early Tuesday morning, I had a mini panic attack thinking of our to do list. So, I turned my clothes inside out, and three of us started painting. #didn’tpackpaintingclothes


When Julie contacted me months before, she said hardwood floors weren’t in the current budget, but they were aiming for next summer to install. So, we went ahead and proceeded with rugs in hopes they would have hardwoods in a year. Well, early Monday morning, as if we didn’t have enough on our plate, I thought it would be a great idea to pull the carpet back just to check. This is a house that is over a hundred years old so the thought of hardwoods under the carpet wasn’t a total long shot. Holy hardwood heaven, y’all! I asked the carpenter if he by chance could stay late and take the carpet up for us because they looked to be in great shape. His response, “no, but you can.”  Hmmm, OK! So, what would any sane designer do?  That’s right, beg ten sorority girls to help out. We ordered food in, started pulling carpet up, and two hours later, we had some beautiful floors.

After a really late night of installing, the finished room was better than I planned. The floors just make all the difference in the world. We painted the walls, pulled up the carpet, installed new lighting, and took away the window treatments.  

Look at the side by side to see the real transformation.

Chairs are coming for this room – they were just on backorder!

Y’all – I had the best time. I got to escape the 150 degree weather here in Texas, got to  transform a room in three days, all while thinking I’m still the same age as the girls in the house. Little do they know it’s now been 16 years since I went through Rush.
(I’m pretty sure they thought I was OLD!)

IMG_5066 (1)
Thank you, Julie, for such a fun time. I hope the KD girls of WSU enjoy this room for many years to come!

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